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Actor Teams We Need to See

Actor Teams We Need to See

Chemistry between actors on screen is an elusive thing.  When it works, the teaming of actors transcends sometimes mediocre movies (exactly how many road movies did Bob Hope and Bing Crosby do together?) and can elevate good films to greatness (imagine Ghostbusters without any of the cast members intact).  Bad chemistry can be painful to […]

Director/Actor Pairings That Need to Continue

There have been great movie director/actor pairings in the history of cinema: John Ford and John Wayne, Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant, Martin Scorsese and Robert DiNiro, Martin Scorsese and Joe Pesci, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese and Harvey Keitel…you get the picture.  Of course, the most overused one that everyone is sick […]