FilmVerse Summer ’12 Theatre of Shame–Winner!

After starting out with 64 truly awful motion pictures, week by week voters have whittled down the list, composed of such turkeys as Smokey and the Bandit 3, Grease 2, Batman & Robin, Jaws the Revenge, The Wicker Man, The Wiz, The Room, and yes, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  Round by round, we narrowed the cinematic nightmares down to Jack and Jill and Sex and the City 2, which competed in the Semi-Finals.  With 69% of the vote, Adam Sandler’s opus where he played brother and sister became the Most Shameful movie in the FilmVerse Summer 2012 Theatre of Shame!

Adam Sandler has made some stinkers in the past (Little Nicky comes to mind) and continues to share his dreadful “talents” with his loyal fans (That’s My Boy anyone?).  But Jack and Jill, with its story of a guy being harassed by his incredibly annoying twin sister, has the honor of receiving a whopping 3% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Okay, so only 3% of the critics gave it a positive review.  It’s not surprising that so many critics hated it (Metacritic scored it with 23 out of 100 based on actual critic scores averaged together), but what about the audience?  Surely the fans enjoyed Sandler’s cross-dressing antics.  Well, the film did make money.  Domestically, it brought in $74,158,157 with a worldwide gross of $149,673,788, meaning that half of its earnings were in the United States–not great considering that comedies generally do best in their countries of origin due to language and cultural differences in humor.  This lack of entertainment value is supported by the fact that 28,458 users on IMDb scored it an average of 3.4 out of 10.  There wasn’t much love shared on this movie.

In fact, in addition to this little website honoring its poor filmmaking, the 2012 Golden Raspberry Awards gave Jack and Jill a Razzie for every single category, the first time in history that this has happened to a movie.  So it’s no wonder that FilmVerse voters singled it out as one of the worst films in the history of motion pictures.  Congratulations to star Sandler, director Denis Dugan, screenwriters Sandler and Steve Koren, and the rest of the cast and crew for creating a truly memorable bad movie.  Ed Wood would be proud!

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6 comments on “FilmVerse Summer ’12 Theatre of Shame–Winner!

  1. Not surprised at all. I haven’t had the desire to see any Adam Sandler movie in a loooong time. I think I only like him in Happy Gilmore and Wedding Singer.

    • I thought he was going to break out of the dumb comedy mode when he started doing films like “Spanglish” and “Reign Over Me,” but then he went right back into that rut. Be on the lookout for “Grown Ups 2” and “Three Mississippi,” the latest lame comedies with which he’s blessing us.

  2. As usual, great piece, Jamie. It’s also why I’ve nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award, my friend.

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