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FilmVerse Summer ’12 Theatre of Shame – Semi-Finalists

Polls are now closed.  Please go to the Finalists.

We are now down to four very, very terrible movies in the FilmVerse Summer 2012 Theatre of Shame!

Round 3 saw Jack and Jill battling Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  Michael Bay’s smashing robots must have more fans than a cross-dressing Adam Sandler does, because the so-called comedy trounced all over the summer blockbuster sequel with an astounding two-thirds of the votes.  It moves into the Semi-Finalist #1 contest against Batman & Robin, which fought its arch-villain, the animated disaster Titanic: The Legend Goes On.  The two were actually tied, but FilmVerse reserved its right as tie-breaker and chose the Joel Schumacher embarrassment as the worst of the two.  It was a tough call, though!

The other two contestants for Semi-Finalist #2 were close calls.  Sex and the City 2 squeaked past Disaster Movie with 52% of the vote.  Meanwhile, Grease 2 earned 53% over The Happening.  This week we see the sex-crazed vixens vacationing in Abu Dhabi duking it out with singing motorcycle chick Michelle Pfeiffer.

Next Monday, the two Finalists will fight to the death as the most shameful movie ever made (at least until the next Theatre of Shame competition)!  For now, cast your vote for the Semi-Finalists:

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