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Write About Real Life Instead of Movie Cliches

Nobody likes to see clichéd plots in movies.  After all, everybody and his brother has pointed out the tried and tired plot that Avatar used, which was similar to a slew of movies like Pocahontas, Dances with Wolves, and Fern Gully.  In fact, people hated it so much that Avatar made $2.75 billion worldwide.  Okay, […]

Plots Are Conflict Resolutions

People thrive on conflict.  There’s a reason why shows such as Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of (Name Your City) are so popular–they’re all about conflict.  Feature films are no different.  They need a strong central conflict that drives the story with a lot of little conflicts along with way.  In its basic form, a […]

What’s In a Title?

20th Century Fox recently revealed the title to the 5th film in the Die Hard series: A Good Day to Die Hard.  It’s always good to see a sequel that doesn’t go for the easy way out and just slap a number at the end of the original title.  However, with the number of cheesy […]

Plot Is Determined by Setting

The plot of any story is driven by the choices its protagonist makes.  However, the other major factor that affects the plot is the setting–the time and location the story takes place.  Not much thought is given to setting of movies in general; if a movie uses a contemporary setting, then it’s obvious that it’s […]

How Important Is Theme?

When asked, “What’s Moby Dick about?” you can answer in two ways:  1) it’s about an old sea-captain searching for the whale that took his leg years ago; 2) it’s about how obsession can destroy you.  The first answer refers to the plot of the story while the second comments on its theme.  Everyone knows […]