‘Tis the Season for an Unappetizing Meal

Maybe I’ve lived in a cultural cocoon, but I have now been introduced to an apparent Thanksgiving tradition that’s gone back for a couple hundred years in one form or another.  Of course, I’m talking about the turducken.  This is a meaty treat that’s a composition of turkey, duck, and chicken (TUrkey-DUCK-chickEN).

A commercially-assembled semi-boneless turduck...

Somehow I’ve missed this delicacy, but this year I can’t avoid it as it’s featured on billboards and TV commercials.  Sports legend John Madden was so enamored by it that there have been parodies and fan tributes to his love for the bird combo.  It may be yummy, but how can anyone seriously dive into something called a turducken?  Just saying the word either makes my stomach roll or gives me giggling fits.  The photo above doesn’t help much, either.  That’s supposed to get your salivary glands producing?  And that’s the end product.  Just watch how it’s made:

If that video doesn’t make you want to run out to the butcher and get various forms of fowl for this aviary mash-up, you can always have one delivered to you for a mere $85.00.  I think I’ll hold off for the goopheail (goose/pheasant/quail).

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3 comments on “‘Tis the Season for an Unappetizing Meal

  1. Oh good, I’m glad you clarified what a “goopheail” is. For a second, I thought it might include Goofy.

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