Poll: Stephen King Movie Remakes

Stephen King’s imagination has brought countless hours of entertainment to movie-going audiences with such classics as The Shawshank Redemption, The Shining, Stand By Me, and The Green Mile (to name a few); however, his work has inspired some pretty awful productions as well, like Graveyard Shift, The Mangler, and The Langoliers.  We have lived in a King-infused world for so long that we’re now seeing remakes of his films, both in theaters and on TV.  King himself wrote a mini-series remake of The Shining, having been dissatisfied with Stanley Kubrick‘s version; there have been two TV movies of Salem’s Lot; Carrie was remade for television (with a theatrical remake in the works); a very different version of King’s directorial debut, Maximum Overdrive, was produced as a TV movie, renamed Trucks; it seems that Ben Affleck will direct a big-screen variation of The Stand, of which Stephen King himself scribed the mini-series; talks of remaking It and Pet Sematary have been bandied about.  All of this when there are still many books and short stories King wrote that have yet to be produced (Under the Dome and 11/22/63 are in development as an HBO mini-series and a theatrical film, respectively).

What say you?  Are there King feature films, TV movies, or mini-series that could stand a fresh coat of paint and a re-invisioning by a different filmmaker?  Are any of them so perfect that they should be left alone (or conversely so bad that they should never have been made in the first place, let alone remade)?  Are any of these productions more appropriate for a different medium, so that a theatrical movie should be done for the small screen, or vice versa?  Take the following polls and voice your opinion.






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11 comments on “Poll: Stephen King Movie Remakes

    • Thanks for sharing! What’s funny is that I know of at least two instances of books being re-written based on a movie that was based on the original book. A novelization of Moonraker was commissioned, apparently to be like the film, which bore little resemblance to Ian Fleming’s novel (other Bond movies may also have had novelizations, I don’t know). Also, Piers Anthony (why, Piers, why?) wrote a novelization of Total Recall rather than simply renaming Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. It makes me wonder if the new movie will also have its own book adaptation, making three print versions of the same story.

  1. Wow!! that’s a lot of poll there!! 😉

    I love SK…he is my most favorite author…unfortunately his movies often not as good as his books. I am looking forward to Under The Dome miniseries, I hope it’ll be out soon.

    As for the movie I wish to be remade are The Shining, I want it to stay true to the book…I dislike the movie so much I only watched it once. I also would love to see Carrie being remade, but not like the other remakes…I want it to be just like the old Carrie but has more destruction than that 70s movie…but I know it would be difficult to find someone like Spacek.

    I wish The Green Mile and Shawshank will never be remade

    • Technically, there are four polls, but each one has a long list thanks to King’s body of work. It’s amazing just how many film and television projects have been adapted by his writing (not to mention his original screenplays).

  2. The mist was definatly the best Steven king movie adaptation in the past decade, I even included it on my top ten Scifi of the decade blog, you can take a look if u like and cool blog post 🙂

    • I loved “The Mist” (another great adaptation by Frank Darabont), but had mixed feelings about the ending, which most people hated. As a filmmaker, I took a gleeful pleasure in it, but as a viewer I was upset. It was very different from the ending in the story, which left things more open-ended, but it was not disappointing as what happens most of the time when they change the original ending.


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