RIP Dick Clark

Anyone who grew up from the ’50s onward who watched American television was effected in one way or another by Dick Clark.  He was a pioneer in TV, bringing us countless musical groups through American Bandstand.  He was an annual fixture with his New Year’s Eve show.  He hosted game shows and introduced the world to the concept of bloopers.  He was a producer, entertainer, innovator, talent scout, and cultural icon.  The “eternal teenager” suffered a stroke in 2004, which limited his public appearances, though he still showed up to see in the New Year.  Not enough can be said about his contribution to the entertainment industry and our culture as a whole.  He will be missed.

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4 comments on “RIP Dick Clark

  1. Very nice words for Mr. Clark, Jamie. There’s way too much to say about him here, so I’ll just say that among all his other accomplishments, Dick Clark was one of the best game show hosts ever, and the $25,000 Pyramid (or any of the other dollar amounts) is still, to this day, one of my favorite game shows of all time.

  2. Fine tribute, Jamie. Yes, very much was part of and influenced my musical and television life. Losing both he and Don Cornelius in a short period of time has certainly rocked so many who claimed them both as part of their upbringing. Missed Dick Clark will be. Thanks for this.

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