May the Fourth Be With You

To all you Jedis out there, here’s wishing you a very happy May the Fourth.  Today, of course, is the holy day for the members of the Church of Jediism, founding in Great Britain, and the New Zealand-based Jedi Church.  Based on the “ancient religion” featured in the Star Wars movies, the Church of Jediism has a goal of connecting “people of all walks of life from all genre and back grounds to the one goal of uniting the understanding and fulfillment of life in its greatest form” while incorporating the principles of the Force (the “all powerful force that binds all things in the universe together”) into existing religions, and its training takes you through various levels of Jedi ranks.  The Jedi Church, however, has no official doctrine or scripture, but “recognizes that all living things share a living force and that all people have an innate knowledge of what is right and wrong, and the Jedi Church celebrates this like no other religion” and acknowledges both the light and dark sides (though warns against the dark side).

Is this taking a concept from a popular series of movies too far?  Eh, what’s the harm?  It seems that a lot of the idea presented in both forms of modern-day Jediism want people to improve themselves through a spirituality that is not too different than most religions’ concept of God.  Of course, there’s the fact that they’re taking concepts that were invented (or at least re-purposed) by George Lucas–but again, is that much different than other accepted religions around the world?  If it does no harm and actually helps people, then by all means…

May the Force be with you!

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4 comments on “May the Fourth Be With You

  1. I had never heard of Jedi Church before. Ah well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by that 🙂

    • I’m not really sure if it started out as a joke or not. To some degree it sounds sincere, but I have a strong feeling that tongues were firmly in cheek when this thing came about.

  2. We should request a public bank holiday explicitly for the viewing of Star Wars movie marathons!

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