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Suburgatory Is Sitcom Hell

This season’s  crop of new TV shows seems to have an overabundance of sitcoms.  Just a few years ago, critics were bemoaning the fact that the TV comedy seemed to be a dead genre, but from the ones that the networks decided to give air time it seems like it should be dead.  Just like […]

Dear Cable TV – I Don’t Care About Dancing with the Stars

When did the results of a reality/game show become breaking news?  It seems that lately every time I turn on TV, in particular certain cable TV networks, all they want to discuss is the latest details of what happened on Dancing with the Stars.  I don’t watch that show, I have no interest in watching […]

American Horror Story

Horror in a continuing TV series is a tricky thing.  It requires a compelling concept that has to be scary in every episode.  The Twilight Zone had some creepy episodes, but mixed horror with science fiction and fantasy; regardless, it was the twist endings and heavy-hitting morality plays that kept people watching.  The Night Stalker […]