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Dear Cable TV – I Don’t Care About Dancing with the Stars

When did the results of a reality/game show become breaking news?  It seems that lately every time I turn on TV, in particular certain cable TV networks, all they want to discuss is the latest details of what happened on Dancing with the Stars.  I don’t watch that show, I have no interest in watching that show, and I do not want to hear about that show.  It doesn’t matter if Nancy Grace is appearing on it and that she happens to be an HLN personality.  Fine, HLN can mention it once as a way of promoting one of their own, but for CNN and Fox News to report it as well is just too much.  Does it matter that transsexual Chazz Bono is on it and that certain religious groups are upset?  That warrants one story.  One.

I want to learn about what’s going on in the entertainment industry.  I like to keep tabs on what new movies are made, what TV shows have been cancelled, what actors have been cast in films and so on.  There are many shows that report on this: Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Showbiz Tonight, E! Entertainment News and so forth.  Why is it that no matter when I turn on any of those shows, it seems that all they want to talk about is Dancing with the Stars?  Is there nothing else going on in Hollywood?  And no, I don’t care about any other reality show like X-Factor or The Bachelor.  If I really wanted to know what was happening with any of those shows, I would watch them!  Give me some news, please.

What is it about these “reality” shows that make the news programs think we want to constantly hear about them?  Is it because “celebrities” are on them as themselves rather than taking on fictional roles?  Is it because the “stars” can make fools out of themselves just like “real” people?  It really makes no sense to me.

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