New Look!

I would like to introduce the new and improved FilmVerse.  I’ve tinkered around with the format and changed the theme and the color scheme.  You’ll probably notice that the site now has featured articles in a slider at the top that shows the ten most recent articles along with a sidebar that lists the top articles from the blog.  The other big alteration is that instead of the articles just scrolling down the page, they are now grouped by category so you can see at a glance various stories about Film, TV, Movie Critiques, Screenwriting, and Other Oddities without ever having to leave the main page (though, feel free to explore each category more in depth).  An ever-growing list of links runs along the left side of the page, so feel free to pay a visit to any of them in your spare time as they are well worth your while.  Stay tuned for more cosmetic fine-tuning as FilmVerse continues to refine its little corner of the Internet.  Thanks for reading, and be on the lookout for more articles coming soon!

2 comments on “New Look!

  1. Cool new look, Jamie. Looking forward to what you have in store for your readers.

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