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How Cinematic Are the Star Trek Films?

How Cinematic Are the Star Trek Films?

As everyone knows, Star Trek  began life as a TV series in the ’60’s that lasted three years.  This was followed by a short-lived animated series that continued the adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and a subsequent live-action show ended up transformed into the first big-screen adventure, Star Trek: The Motion Picture (though with ten […]

Dominion – An Alternate Prequel That Exorcises the Other One

The Exorcist series has had a strange, and some say cursed, history.  The movies have gone from the best to the worst of what cinema has to offer, and has been a constant source of controversy.  In the early 2000’s, a fourth film was made–and then re-made.  These back-to-back films were prequels, telling of the […]

The Future of Star Wars

We live in a Star Wars culture.  For nearly 35 years, this cinematic phenomenon has affected our society in more ways than it just being a movie series.  It changed the entire motion picture industry, for instance.  We’ve now had two generations weaned on the exploits of Luke Skywalker and friends with six movies, several […]

Classic Movies Most People Don’t Realize Are Remakes

The recent mantra of many people is that Hollywood needs to stop remaking movies, especially ones that are held near and dear in our hearts.  After all, there are currently nearly 40 remakes in the works, which angers many people.  As part of the backlash, some have pointed out that recent remakes have not done […]

Starfleet is Clueless About the Military

Starfleet is Clueless About the Military

Updated 11/11/11, original article published 10/3/11 It’s stated in every Star Trek episode that the Enterprise’s mission is “to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man/one has gone before.”  Yeah, what they left out, though, is the amazing firepower on the ship.  We all […]

Hell On Wheels – AMC’s New Vehicle

Hell On Wheels sounds like a subtitle for a Ghost Rider movie or something about bikers like Sons of Anarchy, but it’s really a new western TV series on American Movie Classics (as much of an oxymoron as live action shows on Cartoon Network).  It’s paired on Sunday nights with AMC’s biggest hit, the terrific […]

Musical Sequences in Movies That Aren’t Musicals

The movie musical has had a long tradition in Hollywood.  Ever since “talkies” were invented, motion picture producers have capitalized on mixing the moving image with song.  Many musicals were showcases for song-and-dance types like Gene Kelly, Fred Astair, or Bing Crosby while others were adaptations of stage musicals.  In the ’80’s, when audiences outright […]