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Hell On Wheels – AMC’s New Vehicle

Hell On Wheels sounds like a subtitle for a Ghost Rider movie or something about bikers like Sons of Anarchy, but it’s really a new western TV series on American Movie Classics (as much of an oxymoron as live action shows on Cartoon Network).  It’s paired on Sunday nights with AMC’s biggest hit, the terrific […]

Worst Treehouse of Horror Episode Ever

Every year, Halloween brings something to look forward to–the annual “Treehouse of Horror” episode of The Simpsons.  The show’s creators are able to throw out continuity of the typical storyline (what there is of it) of the dysfunctional animated family in order to have fun with stories that are horrific (blood and gore abound) and […]

The News and Dead People

When Osama Bin Laden was killed and the White House decided not to release photos of his body, many people in the world (and some in the United States) claimed they weren’t releasing the pictures due to a cover-up.  How many of those same people would claim that the photos were fraudulent if they were […]

Should Star Trek Return to TV?

Should Star Trek Return to TV?

About a decade ago, it felt like we were inundated with Star Trek.  The Next Generation movies were still in full swing in the theaters, two TV series were on the air, no less that 15 computer games were released from 2000-2002 alone, and countless books were published.  There was a point of saturation, where […]

Suburgatory Is Sitcom Hell

This season’s  crop of new TV shows seems to have an overabundance of sitcoms.  Just a few years ago, critics were bemoaning the fact that the TV comedy seemed to be a dead genre, but from the ones that the networks decided to give air time it seems like it should be dead.  Just like […]

Dear Cable TV – I Don’t Care About Dancing with the Stars

When did the results of a reality/game show become breaking news?  It seems that lately every time I turn on TV, in particular certain cable TV networks, all they want to discuss is the latest details of what happened on Dancing with the Stars.  I don’t watch that show, I have no interest in watching […]

American Horror Story

Horror in a continuing TV series is a tricky thing.  It requires a compelling concept that has to be scary in every episode.  The Twilight Zone had some creepy episodes, but mixed horror with science fiction and fantasy; regardless, it was the twist endings and heavy-hitting morality plays that kept people watching.  The Night Stalker […]